Welcome to the Highlands Ability Battery. You are about to undertake a series of objective worksamples which will help to define your natural abilities. When you have completed all the worksamples, you will receive a comprehensive Ability Profile and Report. The Profile and Report require interpretation by a trained and certified Highlands Affiliate.

The entire Battery of worksamples takes three hours to complete. We recommend that you arrange to take the Battery in quiet surroundings and without interruption. Our instructions will tell you everything you need to know as you go through the worksamples.

Relax and do your best.

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Please Read Carefully
The worksamples are designed to be completed on your keyboard and in your head. The use of screen shots or paper and pencil or pen will distort your results and give you a false picture of your abilities.

Terms and Conditions of Use for the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)- The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is not normed for use by employers to predict performance or success in a job, or screen applicants for hire or selection purposes. The HAB is to be used exclusively by Highlands’ consultants who have been trained and certified in the administration of the HAB and the interpretation of the Highlands report publications to equip individuals with knowledge of their aptitudes for making occupational and educational choices.

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